Why Choose NPL?

NPL directly tackles the pain point of blockchain industry's large-scale implementation, breaks down technical barriers with rapid smart contract, unblocks market interaction with multi-dimensional ecological structure, relieves public chain market facing bottleneck stage, and empowers decentralized business ecology.

Technical Advantages

NPL is a new blockchain architecture, positioned as an easy-to-use, high-performance blockchain platform.

Model Features

The innovative design of the on-chain and off-chain messenger co-creation model allows applications to initiate on-chain smart contracts and smart applications by setting up a series of trusted data sources after a specific event in reality.

Multidimensional Ecology

We builds an integrated decentralized business ecological infrastructure of public chain + digital asset storage interaction + blockchain cross-border e-commerce platform + diversified DApp + Defi system + entertainment system, enterprise does not need to develop independently.

Problem and Challenge

Pain points of male chain: At present, the key problem restricting the development of public chain is the limitation of expansibility and interoperability.

DApp landing difficulty

According to Klaus Schwab, founder of Davos forum, 10% of global GDP will be stored by blockchain technology by 2025. Gartner, a market research institution, also predicts that by 2020, the business based on blockchain will reach 100 billion US dollars. Blockchain has obvious characteristics of decentralization, openness and transparency, traceability of information, and unforgeability,Although the prospect is optimistic, DApp's landing is still in the exploratory stage

Performance bottleneck

Although with the gradual improvement of Tron, ETH and EOS, the public chain performance has been greatly improved, but it is still difficult to meet the development needs of DApp

Original design intention

One of the most important reasons for DAPP's difficulty in landing is that its design concept is not reasonable.

User threshold

Unlike the public chain and other underlying architectures, they are highly abstract and do not need to face users directly, while DAPP has to deal with users directly.


Improve performance:

Through low latency and high concurrency hardware acceleration technology, NPL can realize millions of transactions per second and achieve second level confirmation

Elevate the concept:

NPL is a user-oriented, innovative design concept, committed to the development of DApp that truly serves business entities

Let go of the threshold

NPL is committed to open the threshold and share the operation system of the whole people

Innovation Integration

NPL actively explores various applications in the "blockchain +" era, aiming to use blockchain technology to empower traditional industries

NPL Tokens


NPL Tokens

Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.


Read the Whitepaper

Through the public chain dispute and the pain of DAPP landing, the public chain design concept of NPL is introduced, and the new optimization and upgrading of blockchain technology are carried out based on the problem, and the whole field ecological deployment of DAPP is carried out.

App Screen

Our Powerful
All-In-One Wallets

NPL Cryptocurrency wallet is a defi wallet application that connects Cryptocurrency and the real world. It aims to solve the problems such as inconvenient management of multiple Cryptocurrencies, complicated exchange transaction process, poor value transmission, insufficient blockchain performance and insufficient application scenarios.

The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Q1 2020 Concept development

The decentralized public chain ecological plan was formulated.

Q2 2020 Technology development
  • Preliminary construction of product
  • Development of the underlying architecture
  • Technical framework is completed
Q1 2021 Whitepaper & Website
  • Website goes live
  • Version 1.0 of whitepaper release
  • Main net test
Q2 2020 The NPL is fully launched

Core Team